There's more going on in personal life: Faria



There's more going on in personal life: Faria

A few days ago, actress Nusrat Faria released her new song 'Habibi'. The Arabic-language song has already been acclaimed by audiences. The lyrics are written by Nur Nabi and the melody is composed by Adib Kabir. Video and dance directed by Baba Yadav of India. The song has been released on the YouTube channel of Indian production company Sri Venkatesh Film (SVF).

This time he shared various songs and personal life on social media. In a video posted on Instagram, Nusrat Faria said, "I don't want to wake up on a day like this. But there are a few shoots. To be made. Today I will show you the tutorial on how to do makeup even if you don't like it. '

He added, "My test is going on, the song is being released. All in all, I'm overhauled. Much more is going on in personal life. But the show must go on. '

Faria loves to do makeup. She also shared the new things she has brought to her makeup routine. The video also teaches you how to easily do makeup with eyebrows, mascara and highlighter.

Meanwhile, actress Nusrat Faria came forward as a singer with 'Pataka'. Then he published 'I want to stay'. ‘Habibie’ is his number three single. He also sang in Shihab Shaheen's web movie 'Jid Par Taboo'.


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