The wife of a former Interpol president has spoken out against the Chinese government



The wife of a former Interpol president has spoken out against the Chinese government

A Chinese court has sentenced former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei to 13-and-a-half years in prison and fined him 2 million yuan for bribery. However, Meng's wife, Grace Meng, who is now living in France under political asylum, said the allegations made by the Chinese government against her husband were politically motivated. He made the demands in a recent interview with the Associated Press.

According to a report in the Economic Times. According to the report, after Meng went to prison, the Chinese authorities wanted to kidnap him and his children. Though he has been silent about himself and his children for so long, he has finally decided to continue the fight against the authoritarian rule of China. As a result, when he used to give interviews, he made it a condition not to show his face on camera, but now he is giving interviews in public.

Grace Meng told AP that she finally spoke to Meng in 2016 via text message. Since then she does not know how her husband is in prison? Because he could not go to China for fear of endangering his own life. He said that he had tried to get the news through his lawyer more than once but failed. "My twin children don't know if their father is alive," he said. They miss my father very much. '

Meng, the former president of Interpol, went missing on September 25, 2016 after leaving France for China. China says he was detained a few days after his disappearance. Meng was to serve as president of Interpol until 2020. But a few days after his arrest, Interpol said Meng had received his resignation a few days after he went missing.

Meng's wife told the AP that despite being the president of a major international organization like Interpol, her husband had not received any help from the organization. He asks, ‘How does a detainee decide to resign? He must have been forced to make a decision. "

Regarding Meng's case and his imprisonment, Grace said, "This is a false case. Which has been due to political differences. Because China can't stand against it. ‘

Grace added: "Corruption is rampant in China today. Everyone agrees on this. But there are two different views on how to solve corruption. One is to abolish the system that has survived to the present day. The other is to move towards constitutional democracy. '


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