Prince Mahmoud called Taslima Nasrin a "disrespectful woman"



Prince Mahmoud called Taslima Nasrin a "disrespectful woman"

Popular Bangladeshi movie 'Rehana Maryam Noor' participating in Cannes Film Festival. Abdullah Mohammad Saad's film has already won the Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA). Ajmeri Haque Bandhan has been recognized as the best actress for her performance in the movie. The movie has been released in different theaters of the country. The audience is also garnering rave reviews.

However, the author Taslima Nasrin got in the way. He criticized the movie on social media Facebook. However, the talented lyricist-composer Prince Mahmud has given a strong answer to this criticism. "This narcissistic, rude woman is not sensitive herself," he said.

In a Facebook post, Prince Mahmoud wrote, "Writer Taslima Nasrin is criticizing the famous Rehana Maryam Noor film. Writing Rehana did not seem to be a sensitive, honest or generous person. I don't understand whether to laugh or cry. This narcissistic rude woman is not sensitive herself. '

He further added, "Abrar died of natural causes, but after I told him that the killing was not intentional, he deleted me when I advised him to stay alone and take treatment for a long time."

He further wrote, ‘How can a person who cannot bear his own criticism be open-minded, generous? Anyone who understands writing a little knows that Taslima's writing is very low quality and I have written a poem. And as a doctor, he got a place as an associate of great writers. He wrote a couple of low quality books. The uneducated fundamentalists also shouted. It became a permanent arrangement outside the country. Who else gets him? Well, what does the movie mean? Suffering from age dissatisfaction. Didi agrees with some bull fan-tan pairing, agrees Didi is getting more and more abnormal day by day. '

Finally, the lyricist wrote, ‘I never write a bad word in a BTW post. The one or two that I have written here are just synonymous with the words he has written (bullying) about different celebrities. Most of the time he starts a futile controversy. The main point is that he himself is open-minded, generous? Trying to get away from the main point and try to take advantage of sex, he thinks that he is not alone in crying. He has been bullying all his life and no one has said anything. '


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