Sakura made her boyfriend her husband and wrote down the wealth of the expatriate



Sakura made her boyfriend her husband and wrote down the wealth of the expatriate

Mofidul Islam, a businessman, has been living in Athens, the capital of Greece, for two years. Six months after he went abroad, he found out that he had donated his flat worth crores of rupees in building 47/5 on Indira Road in the capital Dhaka! In this news, the sky seemed to fall on Mofidul's head. Mofidul's relatives went to the concerned land office to find out the answer to the question of how his wealth was donated to the country from abroad.

It is learned that Raufun Sakura, the ex-wife of Mofidul, has accepted the flat as a gift by decorating it with another person through forgery. He is also accused of manipulating the hard-earned real estate worth around Tk 5 crore. Sakura divorced Mofidul on October 27, 2019. However, the documents of the flat that Sakura received as a donation were registered three months after their divorce, i.e. on December 26, 2020.

When Mofidul's relatives approached the court on the issue of cheating, the judge directed the CID to submit a report on January 10. Then Sakura, her mother Rokeya Begum and boyfriend. Altaf Hossain filed a report against three persons in the Dhaka Senior Judicial Magistrate's Court (Savar Amli Court) on July 4.

CID Dhaka District Police Inspector. Nasimul Islam. According to the report, Sakura grabbed Mofidul Islam's flat by pretending to be another man's husband.

In the light of the report, the court issued arrest warrants against the three accused on October 3. Police arrested Rokeya Begum on October 8, but two others are still at large. Mofidul's elder brother Habibul Islam claimed that Sakura had fled to Dubai to avoid arrest.

CID Dhaka District Police Inspector. Nasimul Islam mentioned in the investigation report that Sakura was married to Mofidul Islam, a Greek expatriate, in 2005. After two years of marriage, Mofidul took his wife to Greece. But Sakura returned to Bangladesh voluntarily in 2016 and started living with her mother Rokeya Begum. After that, Mofidul sent crores of rupees to his wife and mother-in-law through several banks and MoneyGram.

The report further states that the Declaration of Heba document (document number 26/2020) mentioned in the case has been proved to be false and forged. Because, the document (No. 28/2020) was registered on February 17 last year. But the evidence says that on November 5, 2019, Mofidul left for Greece. The expatriate was not in the country at the time of registration of the document; He has not come to Bangladesh till today. As a result, his ex-wife Sakura fraudulently registered the documents by making another person her husband. Accused Altaf Hossain signed the forged document as identifier, which is obvious. Later, when the accused were informed about the fraud, they used various threats and intimidation against the plaintiff.

Habibul Islam, the plaintiff in the case, said Mofidul used to send crores of rupees to his wife Sakura while he was in Greece. The money was supposed to buy land in the name of the two of them in the country. But tactfully Sakura buys all the property in his own name. After finding out the reason for the fraud, Sakura divorced Mofidul by embezzling immovable property worth around Tk 5 crore including cash. They found out that while Mofidul was abroad, his wife was maintaining contact with a stranger. Perhaps they were involved in alienation. Sakura also grabbed Mofidul's flat in Dhaka by forging her boyfriend.

He did not respond to multiple calls to Sakura's two mobile phone numbers yesterday. Later, when her mother Rokeya Begum was contacted on her mobile phone number, she cut off the connection after getting the identity of a journalist. After many attempts, it was not possible to know his comment on the allegation.


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