Iqbal is 'crazy' to keep the Qur'an in the puja mandap, claims Bhai


 Iqbal is 'crazy' to keep the Qur'an in the puja mandap, claims Bhai

Police said they had identified a young man who had 'left the Qur'an' in the puja mandapa on the banks of Nanuadighi in Comilla after the incident, which sparked communal violence during Durga Puja. Meanwhile, his brother Raihan has confirmed that the suspect in the CCTV footage is Iqbal Hossain. Iqbal's family lives in a rented house in Sujanagar area of ​​Comilla city.

The identified person is Iqbal Hossain, eldest son of Nur Ahmed Alam of Sujanagar area. Iqbal's younger brother Raihan said, "This man in the CCTV footage is my brother. She's crazy. A week before the incident, he had kicked everyone in the playground with his shoes. But I don't know if he is intoxicated. The man who wants to stone his mother is not supposed to do such a thing knowingly. If you give him tea, water and breakfast, he will do whatever he says. '

Iqbal's mother Bibi Amena said Iqbal was mentally ill. His mother claimed that Iqbal was beaten by the mob. Since then, everyone is uneasy about his behavior. If you find Iqbal, you will judge. My family is over for this child.

Iqbal's father Bibi Amena and brother Raihan also said that Iqbal's father has been assisting the police since the incident.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said on Wednesday night, ‘I have seen the video of the scattered CCTV. It shows a young man coming towards the road from the mosque with the Qur'an. After a while (about an hour later) I saw that he did not have the Qur'an in his hand. He is walking around with Hanuman Thakur's mace in his hand. '

The minister added, "I also said yesterday that attempts are being made to arrest him. Our law enforcement is still trying to arrest him. The young man could not be tracked because he did not use a mobile phone. So far he has been changing places frequently. We are keeping an eye on him. He will be arrested at any time. '

On October 13, a temple was attacked and vandalized in the Nanua Dighirpar Pujamandap in Comilla. In this incident, 891 people were accused in eight cases in different police stations. Of these, five cases have been registered in Kotwali Model Police Station, two in Comilla Sadar Dakshin Model Police Station and one in Daudkandi Police Station. Mentioning the names of 91 people, 700 people have been made unidentified accused in the case. So far, police have arrested 44 people.

As news of the incident in Comilla spread, places of worship were vandalized in several districts including Chandpur and Chittagong. There were also incidents of protesters clashing with police in Chandpur.


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