Deployment of troops in Myanmar, fear of atrocities



Deployment of troops in Myanmar, fear of atrocities

Thousands of troops have been deployed in northern and northwestern Myanmar. Tom Andrews, the UN special envoy to Myanmar, has warned that there could be "massive atrocities" in the deployment of troops with heavy weapons. The situation has been chaotic since the coup in February. Such a report has been published by The Guardian.

Presenting the annual human rights report to the United Nations in New York on Friday, Andrews said, "I have information that heavy weapons, including thousands of troops, have been deployed in the remote north and northwest of Myanmar. This information indicates that the junta government is preparing for possible crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Myanmar's military overthrew the Suu Kyi government on February 1. Since then, the junta government has continued to oppress ordinary people in different states of the country. More than a thousand civilians have been killed in bloody operations against junta opponents. The number of arrests since the beginning of the protests has exceeded eight thousand.

"We should all be prepared, as people in this part of Myanmar face more genocide," Andrews said. I hope my fears are proved wrong. '

On August 25, 2016, the Myanmar army intensified the long-running massacre of Rohingya after violence at a police checkpoint in Rakhine State. About seven lakh Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh to escape murder and rape. In all, there are more than 11 lakh Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. The United Nations has called the incident a "textbook example" of genocide. The United States has also called it a massacre.


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