Beheading of a female volleyball player in Afghanistan


 Beheading of a female volleyball player in Afghanistan

The Taliban have been accused of beheading a member of Afghanistan's national junior women's volleyball team. The team's coach made the allegation in an interview with the Persian Independent.

The team's coach told the Persian Independent on condition of anonymity that a female player named Mahzabin Hakimi was killed in early October. But no one knew the matter. Because Taliban fighters have threatened the victim's family not to tell anyone.

Mahzabin played for the Kabul Municipal Volleyball Club before the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. He was a star player for the club. But a few days later, pictures of his severed head and bloody throat were published on social media.

The coach of the team said that only two players of the team managed to escape from Afghanistan in August. Mahzabin was one of the detainees.

The coach alleges that the Taliban have been trying to identify and arrest female athletes since taking power. The Taliban are particularly looking for members of the Afghan women's volleyball team who have played abroad and at home and attended media events.

Women's volleyball teams and women athletes are in a bad situation in Afghanistan. Many have been forced to flee and remain in hiding.


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